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Nike Men's Mamba Rage Basketball Shoes

The Nike Men's Mamba Rage Basketball Shoes seem to be a great selling shoe with lots of online feedback. We spent hours trying to sort through much of that feedback to provide you with a quick summary. When we decided to review the Nike Men's Mamba Rage, we found an overall 4.1-star rating. Digging into the reviews, it seems consumers either love them or hate them given the 64% 5-star rating and the 14% 1 star.

  • Great traction and good support

The shoe provides good support and traction with a lower-cut base and a cross-directional tread pattern. The shoe itself has a full fly weave upper that can be a bit uncomfortable until the shoe is broken in but does provide great ventilation. The soles multidirectional pattern (with a snake scale design) has a softer center area that provides the exceptional grip, but this makes for a sole that can wear quickly if used outside. Seems the only complaint for indoor ball is the sole collects dust and needs to be wiped off frequently.

  • Size and fit

While several people say the shoes are true to size, there are several complaints that they are too small or too narrow, so people are going up half a size. The Mamba Rage also has several complaints about pinching in the midfoot and toe area, which seems to validate the too narrow comments.

The midsole uses Nike’s Lunarlon technology which has been around for several years. It is lightweight and provides lots of impact protection to the foot, and subsequently the knee.

  • Concerns from consumers

While most love the look and feel, currently 14 percent of the feedback on Amazon shows a 1 star rating, with two complaints – Pinching and quality control.

Most of the quality control complaints seemed to be found quickly, either before even putting them on, or within a day or two. Make sure and check your shoes over and watch for anything concerning in the first few days – if you have any issues, reach out to the seller to resolve


While I did already discuss the pinching, it is the other half of the 1 star ratings so worth mentioning again. There are several mentions of the shoe’s width, so if you have a wider foot, you may want to go up a half size. If you have a really wide foot, this may not be the right shoe for you.

  • Overall the Nike Mamba Rage shoes look great and perform well. Keep the sole clean and make sure they fit properly, and the Mamba Rage Basketball Shoes should be shoe that ups your game on and off the court.

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