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NIKE Men's Hyperdunk X TB Basketball Shoe

Nike introduced the original Hyperdunk basketball shoes in 2008 and has been working to improve them ever since. Over the generations, they have made several changes, some with great success, some with less than favorable reviews. They are now on the 10th (X) generation, and it is time to see what consumers are saying.

The sole uses a wavy pattern that generates tons of grip on any court and does not collect a lot of dust. Consumers do point out that while the shoe may not collect a lot, the deep treads make it a little harder to clean out if they do. On the up side, they also pointed out that while there may be a slight drop in traction, the traction is still great.

Ankle support and flexibility are good, with a mid cut top in the back of the shoe that keeps the lateral support while adding to the overall flexibility. While most consumers seem to love the overall feel, there are some that complain of blisters on the back of their ankle (Achilles).

Comfort is a common thread we see which is no surprise since the Hyperdunk X utilizes a dual zone Zoom Air system along with excellent cushioning in the shoe. Consumers also claim that the shoes are sized correct and say that you should not add or subtract anything unless you have a wider foot and need a little extra space.

Overall the Hyperdunk X currently has a 4.1 rating with 60 percent of the reviews being 5 star, so customers are pretty happy. The Nike Hyperdunk X is a great shoe that is built well, comfortable, and provides excellent grip. Order the appropriate size, wear some quality socks, lace them up securely, and you should have no problems.

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