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Adidas Men's Dame 5

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Adidas Men's Dame 5 are a top ranked basketball shoe among consumers with great feedback for style, comfort and performance.

With an overall 4.7 star rating, basketball players and their loved ones seem to agree that these are one of the best basketball shoes.

Looking good on and off the court is important, and consumers agree that the colors and design of these is amazing and appears as a common thread throughout the reviews. There are currently 10 different color combinations available from the cnservative black and white above to bright yellow or even purple.

As for performance, the shoes boast a rubber sole that provides excellent grip thanks to the herringbone outsole pattern. Consumers love the grip, with many claiming that they even saw improved performance after the first few times on the court.

But how well do they fit? Most buyers seem to agree that they are sized a little long and somewhat narrow, but they quickly stretch to your foot for a very comfortable fit. Amazon does provide a size chart that is worth reviewing before making any shoe purchase to help ensure a proper fit though.

With all great things there are complaints though, and these shoes seem to have one – they get dirty easily. No matter how hard we all try to keep our new kicks spotless, something always seems to show up. There are sealers that can help, but that is for another review.

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